If you wish to refer a patient to us, please download and print our pdf referral form.


Download Referral Form – Immediate 

Referral Criteria

You must answer YES to all of these:
  1. Patients ≥ 45 years
  2. Maximum Tumour size on imaging <3cm
  3. Grade 1 or 2
  4. Hormone receptor +ve
  5. Clinically and on imaging node negative
You must answer NO to all of these:
  1. Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
  2. Multifocal or Multicentric Disease on examination/mammogram/ultrasound or MRI Scan
  3. Lymphovascular Invasion
  4. Grade 3
  5. Previous Ipsilateral Breast Cancer and or Irradiation
  6. BRCA Mutation


Auckland Breast Centre

217 Shakespeare Road
Milford, Auckland
P: 09 488 9179
E: info@aucklandbreastcentre.co.nz


Course Attendance

Radiation Oncologists

Maria Pearse
Christine Elder
Ruth Angell
Susan Brooks
Gill Campbell


Erica Whineray Kelly
Richard Harman
Belinda Scott
Sue Gerred
Eva Juhasz
Peter Shapkov
Magda Biggar
Peter Chin
Jenny Wegener
Jane Creighton
Stephen Benson
Stephen Dunn
Alison Hayes
Isaac Cranshaw
Alex Ng
Paul Samson

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